What to do Before and After Your Whitening Treatment

Before your appointment: We can't wait to provide you with a whiter smile! To do so we have a few simple instructions for you to get the most out of your experience! Avoid brushing teeth 4 hours prior to your appointment. Doing so opens the pores of your gums that could potential cause a slight sensitivity. If you have a morning appointment, we understand you will want to brush.. we want you to also 😉 When doing so, brush your teeth gently focusing on the teeth and avoiding your gums as much as possible. Drink lots of water before your appointment! We also recommend eating a small snack before your appointment because you will want to avoid eating for at least two hours after the whitening process.

After your appointment: HUBBA HUBBA! LOOK AT THAT SMILE!! You now have the white teeth you came for so let's keep it that way. Similar to your pre-appointment care you will want to drink lots of water. Avoid brushing your teeth for the next four hours. When you do brush within the first 24 hours brush gently, once again avoiding your gums. Avoid eating for 2 hours minimum. When you eat avoid teeth staining foods such as coffee, spaghetti, beet juice, etc. for the next 24 hours. The longer and more often you avoid these foods the longer your whitening longevity will last. White foods like breads, Alfredo and eggs are best for your next couple meals. Experiencing a little sensitivity is uncommon but it does happen. Make sure to stay hydrated and the sensitivity will go away within the first 24 hours.